Kid Friendly Notes

Kid Friendly Pool Notes & Prices

At KCCNY we want to do everything possible to grow Youth Paddle Sports and support young paddlers on the river safely. Jackson Kayaks brought us the kids sized kayaks and KCCNY brings youth the opportunity to practice vital skills of rolling/paddling in the safety of an indoor pool. KCCNY supports kid paddlers and parents by making it inexpensive for many return visits to our pool sessions.

We hope all parents join as members of KCCNY and take advantage of the lowest rates.

An Adult KCCNY member can bring all their minor children to the pool for a single low fee of $5. That's one easy child fee to cover all kids under the supervision of that adult member. This includes minors that are not your children. So one $15 adult member fee + one $5 child fee = $20 to get a mess of your kids and their friends rolling and winning!
KCCNY annual family membership is $25.
American Canoe Association (ACA), membership is now $25 per individual.

Parent Notes:
  1. We are making this as attractive as possible, but It is very difficult for one parent to pay attention to two let alone three kids paddling in a pool. Parents bringing more than one child need to think about possibly bringing a second parent or arranging another adult to help watch and teach their kids. Parents need to realize kids can get hurt at a pool just like on the rivers we intend to paddle, be attentive in the pool.
  2. Kids often take life jackets and helmets off late in the pool sessions for no good reason, we need to expect this and must correct it.
  3. Kids cannot swim freely in the pool. Kids are only allowed to wet exit in the shallow end of the pool with a quick exit from the water.
  4. Frequently the parents of hungry kids will get together after the pool session ends to have lunch at the diner. Its a great way to make connections with other paddling families which carries onto to the water in the summer.
Kid Friendly Notes