Union Pool Rules

Union Pool Rules

Pool sessions begin when the event leader arrives. No one may enter the building until the session begins.

Pool sessions are open to members of KCCNY and their guests. Individuals may attend only 3 pool sessions as a guest, after which they must become a member of KCCNY or will not be admitted to any further pool sessions.

All persons attending a pool session must pay a use fee. Adult KCCNY members attending a pool session must pay a $15 fee and non-members must pay $18. An adult KCCNY member may pay one single $5 entrance fee for a reasonable number of children under the age of 18 to use the pool with his/her supervision, the fee for children who accompany non-members is $18 each. Please bring exact change or a check made out to "KCCNY" to cover the entrance fee(s). Instructors are exempt from the fee if they instruct for the bulk of the session. Moreover, anyone wishing to attend a pool session that is not an A.C.A. member, must pay an additional $10 per person for the American Canoe Association event fee.

Make it a full season family event! Now you can purchase a full season pass that will include all family members for a substantial discount from individual session charges. The full season pass is $165 and for an additional one time fee of $50 all immediate family members are also included.

Minors must be accompanied by an adult, and no minor will be admitted without a waiver signed by a parent or court appointed legal guardian.

No one, be they an adult or a child, may stand, swim, play or otherwise enter the water unless they are in a kayak or are an instructor. Instructors who are not actively teaching must exit the water immediately.

All boats must be washed before each pool session, in plain view, on the deck of the pool, before the boat is placed in the water. All water contained in boats must be dumped onto the deck surrounding the pool and the owner must immediately properly discard of any resulting debris. No water may be emptied directly out of any craft into the pool at any time. No boats may be stored on the bleachers.

Any debris washed out of the boat must be collected immediately by the boat owner and properly disposed of.

A helmet and a personal floatation device must be worn at all times by participants while in the water.

No food, drink or glass is permitted in the pool area.

No horseplay, including running, is permitted in or around the pool area.

No radios or other noise-producing equipment are permitted in the pool area.

All participants must refrain from the use of vulgarities while in the building.

KCCNY Pool Sessions are open to whitewater kayaks & canoes only. No other type of watercraft or accessory is permitted in the building at any time.

The exterior door(s) to the pool area must be kept as closed as possible to prevent heat loss from the building.

The KCCNY Pool Event Leader(s) are the ultimate authority at pool sessions and KCCNY reserves the right to expel anyone who does not follow the lifeguard's and or the Event Leaders' instructions as well as the spirit and the letter of the foregoing rules.
Union Pool Rules