Information for Trip Participants

Trip Participant Procedures

We do not post the time or meeting place of trips on our website, because we want potential participants to contact the trip coordinator in advance and discuss their qualifications, abilities and preparedness for the conditions expected. Participants are responsible for discussing the trip candidly with the trip coordinator in order to make a determination as to whether the trip or event, at the expected water levels and weather conditions, is appropriate for them.

If you are interested in joining one of our trips contact the coordinator, letting them know your equipment and experience. Though we prefer you join KCCNY, KCCNY membership is not required for most trips.

Insurance Waivers

All participants must read and sign the American Canoe Association (ACA) waiver and release of liability before the event begins. One waiver per calendar year for KCCNY members. Member waiver status is listed on our membership list. Non-KCCNY members must submit a waiver for each trip.

If you’re not an American Canoe Association (ACA) member, you can join or renew or pay a day event fee. or pay a day event fee at the website.

You can sign an online waiver at .

When you complete the online waiver, you should receive a confirmation email allowing you to download the waiver. Download the waiver and send the waiver to the coordinator before the trip.

Though we prefer electronic waivers, paper forms are also available from Forms.

At KCCNY we have Coordinators!

KCCNY club trips are characterized by all the paddlers contributing what knowledge and experience they possess towards the group’s fun and safety on the river. A trip coordinator is merely a club member who has volunteered to arrange the meeting of interested members to paddle at a particular place and time. While coordinators often have specific knowledge of the river in question, this is not part of their responsibility. Once on the river, coordinators have no burdens as guide or trip leader.

Any participant that the coordinator feels is not suited for the trip shall not be permitted to participate. This may include, but is not limited to, assessment of skill level, appropriate clothing and equipment and its condition, and suspected use of alcohol or illegal drugs. Any paddler whose conduct is, in the opinion of the trip coordinator, potentially hazardous to him or herself or to the group will be asked to leave the group. KCCNY understands that volunteer coordinators need to make a decision based on the overall group safety and often with limited information on abilities and risks. Other than adhering to KCCNY’s anti-discrimination policy, the decision is entirely up to the coordinator. If a potential participant doesn’t agree with the decision, please reach out to the safety or activities chair or any board member.

The trip coordinator has the authority to adjust the specifics of the trip, including the river (and the section of the river) to be paddled, to account for conditions existing at the time of the event, such as weather, water levels, or the specific make-up of the group (i.e. number of paddlers, ability levels, etc.).

Read and familiarize yourself with the ACA risk management requirements for Paddle America Clubs and ACA affiliates.

Information for Trip Participants