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River: Intro to Kayak Safety, Bowmanstown, Pa
Date: 9/2
Class: I-II
Ability: All
Coordinator: Wayne Gman
Notes: We will shuttle and run a trip out of Bowmantown, Pa. Class 1-2 rapids are possible with lots of moving water to practice on in the flats. Target paddlers are those that have lots of experience on lakes and want to try moving on to gentle rivers. This is an intro to moving water and safety class. We will quickly go over common problems that challenge new paddlers, such as, getting in and out of our kayaks, racking boats, shuttling, boat control, best practices for safety and how to safely participate in a moving water trip with people you meet on Facebook, or in a club like KCCNY. We will have demonstrations on rolling for safety, throw bags and why we need them. You must have a well-fitting helmet, and life-jacket on at all times in the class. The course fee is $60 per person and bring a lunch.
Trip Calendar