Trip Coordinator Workshop

Trip coordination for more fun for all on KCCNY trips

March 31st after pool session near the pool. (Approximately 1 PM)

We will have an interactive discussion and Q&A on being a trip coordinator for KCCNY. We can all benefit from this with the goal of having more trips at all skill levels this summer. If you have never led a trip or do not feel confident in coordinating trips come to the meeting and learn. If you are an experienced and confident trip coordinator come and share your tips with others.

Club will provide snacks and light lunch (probably pizza).

Trips are the core of our club. Club trips bring new members to the club and new paddlers into the sport. They are the main reason why each of us has chosen to join KCCNY and why new members seek us out. Many members have expressed reluctance to coordinate trips because they don’t know how or are not confident in their ability to lead a trip. We will address your concerns at this meeting.

KCCNY club trips are characterized by all the paddlers contributing what knowledge and experience they possess towards the group's fun and safety on the river. A trip coordinator is merely a club member who has volunteered to arrange the meeting of interested members to paddle at a particular place and time. While coordinators often have specific knowledge of the river in question, this is not part of their responsibility. Once on the river, coordinators have no burdens as guide or trip leader.

Benefits of coordinating trips include:
Access to our significant activities budget for camping fees as well as food and/or drinks at club trips*. Insurance - don’t scoff at this - in the unlikely event that things go bad our ACA insurance will protect you and your assets from not only paddling partners but possibly their heirs.
Choosing when and where you want to paddle. Being a trip coordinator is a great way to meet new people and make new friends as well as connect with your current paddling buddies. Part of being a trip coordinator is screening the paddlers to make sure that they are suited for the trip. While this can be scary, it is far better to do this in advance than to deal with it at the put-in or worse, half-way down the river.

This brief workshop is designed to make you more comfortable coordinating so you and everyone in the club can paddle more.

Did we mention pizza?

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